Webinar – How To Start Your Career in Digital Marketing

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Degrees and certificates don’t help much. You need the right skill to differentiate yourself from the rat race. Why not take matters in your own hands and start taking responsibility? 

This is a time of immense opportunity and at NEAST we don’t want you to miss it. Digital Marketing is one such skill that you can learn to get a job, become a freelancer or uplift your existing business.  

We will discuss:

  1. How to learn digital Marketing
  2. Why Learn digital marketing
  3. Is it the right career choice for you
  4. How much salary can you expect
  5. How to get a job in Digital Marketing
  6. And more

If you wish to take educated steps and plan to learn digital marketing, this free online webinar is for you. This digital marketing webinar will guide you through how to not waste time chasing shiny objects. 

Join us online from your home and attend this webinar. It’s a free event. Register here: http://bit.ly/NEASTwebinar1

⏳ Set aside 1.5 hours on Wednesday, 4th March to attend this webinar that will help you to get started in learning digital marketing.  Signup Now!

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