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NEAST short for North East Academy of Skills and Technologies is a skill training and innovation center based in Guwahati, Assam. At NEAST we are creating a platform to make the latest trainings on skills and technologies  accessible to the learners of North East India.

why care about skills?

In the coming years, humans will not become obsolete but many of their skills will. As the types of skills needed in the labor market change rapidly, individuals will have to engage in life-long learning if they are to achieve fulfilling and rewarding careers.

Degrees and credentials can be a good signal of someone’s abilities, they are not a prerequisite for achieving incredible things in your life any more. Your  skills can enable you to create massive impact.


become an infinite learner

learning is

Our Courses

Our Courses

Our courses are focussed on industry-aligned practical skills and professionally required life skills. 

We believe in learning by doing—and that there is no better classroom than real-world experience. We keep creating new courses to bring you closer to your learning goals. Currently we are offering long term and short term Digital Marketing Courses in Guwahati.

Experienced Trainers

Trained by professional trainers with significant industry experience

Hands-on Training

Gain working knowledge and expertise by implementing what you learn

Industry Exposure

Get access to internship and job interview opportunities and live projects

success. nothing less.

Learn. implement. grow

At NEAST we believe that the willingness to learn and courage to implement one’s ideas are the key to create impact. Education can get Boring, Learning is Empowering. We are on a mission to build a tribe of highly skilled individuals ready for the 4th Industrial revlolution. 


No language barrier

Concepts are explained in Assamese language for Assamese learners



You work on personal projects, implement the learning &  we help you manage the learning journey



You get access to live industry projects, freelance opportunities, work on in-house projects


inclusive growth

You get access to a closed community of co-learners. You get resolutions to queries ASAP

become an infinite learner

Growth Mindset

At NEAST we practice a growth mindset and create an environment of mutual trust and understanding where curiosity drives us.

The willingness of those with a growth mindset to forge ahead despite setbacks is what distinguishes them from those who have a fixed mindset.

Different Courses

From digital marketing to cloud computing, we keep learning, innovating and creating new course modules

Get Ready

We empower you with the know-how, the methodology, tools of the trade to make you ready for your journey

the way to success

As India becomes the Youngest Nation on the planet, we have a lot of groundworks to do. It’s the energy that need to be given the right path. We don’t promise you any vanity trophy. We promise to empower you with the know-how, the methodology, tools of the trade and a community of like-minded people.

Come and become a part of this Skill Revolution in North East India.

our teachers

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